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Anyone with ADHD has challenges to face, both for themselves and for the people around them. There are many different ways to help children and adults with ADHD, and together we can form a plan for getting you the help you need. Some ways to help people overcome ADHD symptoms include diet, exercise, medication, and counseling. I am trained to help you when it comes to using counseling with ADHD. I am unable to provide guidance to you regarding other treatment, but you can go here to find information from the US National Library of Medicine regarding current ways to manage ADHD. Often counseling along with other types of treatment can be beneficial for children and adults. Using play therapy, I can find ways to help your child manage ADHD symptoms to give them a sense of control and accomplishment. Through family therapy and parenting support, we can work together to give you and your family tools to help manage symptoms and find ways to enjoy your time together. ADHD does not have a "cure," but together we can find ways to decrease symptoms and help you and your child. Call me at 562-716-3461 or email me to arrange a free 20 minute consultation regarding any questions or help you might need.