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Changing Families

Families change and grow all the time, and sometimes that can mean the members can use some help. I have experience helping families evolve in many different ways. Whether your family is changing as the result of a loss, is adding new members, or is experiencing growing pains from other changes, together we can find a way to help your family through this time. Separating families can benefit from therapy as a way to help each other move beyond blame and into healing. Families that are growing, whether from birth, adoption, foster children, or marriage, can experience challenges in many different ways.

Counseling can help family members navigate the changes they are experiencing. Many people find that through counseling they are able to increase positive interactions, find joy with each other, and look forward to coming home. 

Please understand that whether you choose to work with me or with another counselor, children need to have the permission of their parents to enter into counseling. If you would like a child or teenager to enter into counseling whether individually or as a family, both parents need to be aware of the counseling and will need to provide consent for services. If that is not possible, you will need to provide an affidavit that the absent parent cannot be located to provide consent for services. 

Whatever type of family you have, we can work together to form a plan for counseling that helps you move forward to enjoying each other and having time together. I worked with many types of families, including blended families, same sex relationships, separating families and families that are experiencing changes from the natural development of the family members. Contact me for a free 20 minute telephone consultation at 562-716-3461 or email me here. You and your family do not need to struggle, help is available. I am happy to talk with you about where you would receive the best support.