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Teenagers and Preteens

The teenage years offer many obstacles for people, and sometimes it helps to have counseling to navigate through. Teenagers can benefit from therapy by having a safe place to bring their concerns. While most teenagers could benefit from some counseling to help with normal growing up issues, sometimes there can be even more complex issues. Things like the loss of a loved one, sexuality, substance abuse, depression and anxiety can all be extra challenges that teenagers may face.

I have had years of experience working with teenagers. I believe that counseling for everyone should come from respect and empathy, allowing people the opportunity to express themselves in a manner that fits them best. Often teenagers don't want to participate in counseling, and they do not want to sit on a couch and talk for 50 minutes. When I work with anyone, we talk about how that person would most benefit from work, and use music, art, games, and talking to work together in a safe, confidential and respectful manner.

I always encourage teenagers and parents to come into my office together, at least for the first meeting, That way we all are aware of what is happening and what to expect. However, if you are a teenager who needs help and cannot go to your parents for help, please know that you can receive confidential counseling. There are places where teenagers can go for help. One place you can contact is Teenline for assistance from other teenagers and adults who care. If you need a safe place to stay, you can contact Casa Youth Shelter in Los Alamitos for help. You don't have to be alone and there are people who can help you.