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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for anyone can be very helpful when navigating some of the difficulties life can send our way. Whether you are experiencing difficulties due to a loss, anxiety, depression or other life event, asking for help is important to your overall health. I am able to work with many different individuals who want help with life's challenges. I also have a great deal of experience in helping people process trauma. Trauma is different for every person, because trauma is an internal experience of an external event. If you have recently been exposed to violence in your life, whether you were a victim or a witness of violence, you can receive counseling through the Victims of Violent Crimes Act to help you process the situation and return to your normal life.

Individual therapy can take many forms, and together we can decide what is best for you. We can meet weekly in my office, we can choose to meet at an outside location, we can use art or sand tray to work together, and we can do a combination of all these services. Please know that if we decide to meet at an outside location, I cannot guarantee your confidentiality, but we can talk together about how to work in a way that is comfortable for you. 

If you are interested in individual therapy for yourself or your children, I can help you determine what type of therapy you need. Call Laura at 562-716-3461 or email me here