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Developmental Concerns

Autism, Asperger's, learning disabilities, medical challenges and other developmental concerns can present challenges to children and their family members. Many times, there is no "cure" for a developmental difficulty, but there are benefits to using counseling to help with these challenges. Counseling can provide ways to help children manage their symptoms. 

I often use Floor Time when working with children with Autism, Aspergers or other developmental difficulties. Floor Time presents an opportunity for children to discover their abilities and grow through therapy designed especially for their situation. Floor Time also involves parents, to allow each parent an opportunity to provide help to their child. 

If you are struggling with any type of developmental challenges in your family, please call me to talk about what is going on and what type of resources may be available to you. In California, there are Regional Centers available throughout the state to provide assistance to individuals. You can learn more about regional centers here. Or you are welcome to contact me by telephone at 562-716-3461 or through email to talk about your circumstance and what you need.